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A Gift for Nai Nai, Kim-Hoa Ung

A Gift for Nai Nai, Kim-Hoa Ung


A debut picture book about a girl who struggles to crochet a lucky hat for her Nai Nai's birthday and learns that the perfect gift comes from within. Lyn Lyn's beloved Nai Nai has a birthday party approaching! All she wants to do is make her a lucky hat, but her crochet skills are not nearly as refined as her Nai Nai's.


Lyn Lyn cleverly ask for Nai Nai's help, saying the hat is a gift "for a friend." She wants it to be a surprise, after all.


As she struggles to crochet the gift for her grandma's birthday, making mistakes leaving her with a hole in the hat, her perseverance and their special bond lead Lyn Lyn to realize that the perfect gift for Nai Nai comes from within.


This is a love letter to all grandparents who have been there for us in more ways than one. The book will feature backmatter with a crochet pattern for young enthusiasts as well as an author's note so that the reader can learn some of the Chinese translations.


Number of pages:32




Spine width:9mm

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