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A Quick Ting on Plaintain by Rui Da Silva (AQTO)

A Quick Ting on Plaintain by Rui Da Silva (AQTO)


Recognised as one of the most beloved fruits of the Black diaspora, Plantain holds profound value within the cultures and communities it is part of. A Quick Ting On Plantain is a cultural insight into the versatile fruit. Mentioned in Grazia, The Guardian and more.

Through exploring the sentimental meaning plantain has within Black households and cultures alike, this book reveals how food within the Black community is an intimate marker of identity and culture.
This concise and insightful book traces the international history of Plantain, as well as delving into the contemporary issues surrounding the fruit - such as inflation, gentrification and its social media community.

A Quick On Plantain is a celebratory look at how food, people and culture intersect.


Number of pages:172
Spine width:21mm
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