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A Tailor-Made Romance By Oyindamola Affinnih

A Tailor-Made Romance By Oyindamola Affinnih


Phoenix Advertising Agency rising star Tishe is looking forward to her first date with the sharply-dressed Adnan. But she is horrified when she finds out that he is a tailor. She vows that there will be no second date ...ever.But then, they share a goodnight kiss, igniting more desire in Tishe than she cares to admit. They embark on a whirlwind romance as she struggles to reconcile her disapproval for Adnan's profession with her burning desire for him.Adnan is unwavering in his commitment to Tishe, planning romantic getaways and introducing her to his family. But can love cut across social class? Will Tishe give Adnan a second chance? Find out in this racy romance.

Number of pages: 174 
Dimensions: 169 x 100 x 11 mm

Weight: 90g

Format: Paperback

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