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A Taste of Love By Sifa Asani Gowon

A Taste of Love By Sifa Asani Gowon


They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Yet in this delectable romance it is Toby, manager of cool hangout lounge, the Bar-Rage, who wins over feisty single mum and successful cake-maker Adoo Ibi with his tasty pizza. Not to mention his suave good looks and calm, confident demeanour. Soon, Adoo and Toby are enjoying spontaneous dates and passionate encounters. Adoo is thrilled to find a man who accepts both her and her son, and Toby is drawn to Adoo's down-to-earth manner and feisty independence. It's as if they've known each other forever. But both have been hurt before and are hesitant to commit to something more. Will Toby and Adoo overcome their pasts and embrace the present, or will they only have A Taste of Love?


Number Of Pages: 170

Dimensions: 100 x 110 x 169 mm

Weight: 90g

Format: Paperback

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