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ABC for Me: ABC What Can We Be? Colouring Book by Jessie Ford, Sugar Snap Studio

ABC for Me: ABC What Can We Be? Colouring Book by Jessie Ford, Sugar Snap Studio


The ABC What Can We Be? Coloring Book presents a wonderful world full of possibilities to color—from Astronaut to Zoologist and everything in between! Whether they are fascinated by animals, trains, flowers, teaching, or any other thing, kids can grow up to be and do whatever they want!


The ABC What Can We Be? Coloring Book presents a whole alphabet full of exciting, thoughtful, and wonderful career paths through adorable art on fun coloring pages. Because it represents people and jobs of all kinds without gender stereotypes, this book shows that there are no limits to what a kid can pursue. More than just a coloring book, this is an ABC book that explains a variety of career paths from A to Z.


It features thick, high-quality paper, which holds all kinds of coloring media, including crayons, colored pencils, and even pens and markers without bleed-through. Pairing two careers with each letter of the alphabet, this coloring book gets kids thinking about all the possibilities that await them in their future. Each spread introduces a letter of the alphabet with fun-to-color artwork and highlights two jobs that each make a big impact in their own way. These careers—which include Dentist, Firefighter, Mechanic, Olympic Athlete, Train Operator, and Wildlife Conservationist—are just some of the things a kid can become!


After the A-Z pages, kids can color 22 additional career possibilities in fields where they can work with their hands, with people, with animals, with food, with science and technology, and more. The ABC What Can We Be? Coloring Book is not only perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs and entertaining them with coloring, but it also encourages them to consider all the careers available to them when they grow up.


The ABC for Me series presents a world of possibilities from A to Z and everything in between! For all little kids with big dreams, the endearing illustrations and mindful concepts in this series pair each letter of the alphabet with words that promote big dreams, inclusion, acceptance, healthy living, and other key concepts important to emotional well-being.


Picture books in the series include: ABC What Can She Be? (2018) ABC What Can He Be? (2019) ABC What Can I Be? (2020) ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me (2021) ABC Bedtime (2022).


Number of pages:80
Spine width:9mm
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