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Activist, Portraits of Courage by KK Ottesen (Amazing Coffee Table)

Activist, Portraits of Courage by KK Ottesen (Amazing Coffee Table)


A speech on the radio.

A high school literature class.

A promise made to a mother.


Activism begins in small ways and in unexpected places. In this inspiring book, over forty activists recount the experiences that sparked their journeys and share the beliefs that keep them going.


These are ordinary citizens who met challenge with action. Their visions for peace, equality, and justice have reshaped American society-from voting to reproductive rights, and from the environment to the economy.


This book brings together multiple generations and different (sometimes opposite) perspectives. But their powerful narratives and KK Ottesen's luminous photographs reveal the passion, purpose, and optimism that unite these diverse figures. Collectively, their stories remind us that anyone can take the future into their own hands.


Weight: 1200 grams 

Dimensions: 18.5 x 3.6 x 25.1 cm

Format: Hardback, beautiful coffee table book, 300 pages 

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