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Antiemetic for Homesickness (Paperback) Romalyn Ante (author)

Antiemetic for Homesickness (Paperback) Romalyn Ante (author)


 A day will come when you won't miss the country na nagluwal sa 'yo... The poems in Romalyn Ante's luminous debut build a bridge between two worlds: journeying from the country 'na nagluwal sa 'yo' - that gave birth to you - to a new life in the United Kingdom.


Steeped in the richness of Filipino folklore, and studded with Tagalog, these poems speak of the ache of assimilation and the complexities of belonging, telling the stories of generations of migrants who find exile through employment - through the voices of the mothers who leave and the children who are left behind.


With dazzling formal dexterity and emotional resonance, this expansive debut offers a unique perspective on family, colonialism, homeland and heritage: from the countries we carry with us, to the places we call home.


Number of pages: 96

Weight: 113 g

Dimensions: 217 x 135

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