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Biased by Jennifer Eberhardt

Biased by Jennifer Eberhardt


Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudices That Shape Our Lives by Jennifer Eberhardt


No matter how fair-minded we think we are, we still don't treat people equally.
Why not?

Every day, unconscious biases affect our visual perception, attention, memory and behaviour in ways that are subtle and very difficult to recognise without in-depth scientific studies. In a single interaction, they might slip by unnoticed. Over thousands of interactions, they become a huge and powerful force.

Jennifer Eberhardt is a pioneering social psychologist one of the world's leading experts on unconscious bias. In this landmark book, she lays out how these biases affect every sector of society, leading to enormous disparities from the classroom to the courtroom to the boardroom.

But unconscious bias is not a sin to be condemned. It's a universal human condition, and as Eberhardt shows, one that can - and must - be overcome.


Number of pages:348
Spine width:24mm
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