Black Panther: The Ultimate Guide

Black Panther: The Ultimate Guide


‘Great for newcomers as they give one a flavour of the character, as well as understanding their place in the grand scheme of Marvel’s history.’ – Starburst

Get ready and dive deep into the fascinating world of the warrior, monarch, scientist and superhero known as Black Panther. DK’s Marvel Black Panther The Ultimate Guide is the ultimate resource for both fan and newcomer alike, dynamically covering the history of Black Panther since the character’s origins in 1966.

With an introduction by key creator Don McGregor, the volume covers the entirety of Black Panther’s timeline, right from the mind and pen of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby through to the contemporary interpretation of the character as imagined by the extraordinary Ta-Nehisi Coates. Magnificently illustrated and split between key enemies, storylines, comics, characters and themes, the Guide is a hugely thoughtful analysis of one of Marvel’s most brilliantly-conceived characters.


Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 200 
Weight: 1111 g 
Dimensions: 282 x 232 x 20 mm