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Boys I Know, Anna Gracia

Boys I Know, Anna Gracia


Funny, smart, and achingly real, Boys I Know is a debut contemporary YA where the sharp, youthful voice of Becky Albertalli meets the coming-of-age journey of Always and Forever, Lara Jean.


High school senior June Zhu’s head and heart are saying two different things: Her strict Taiwanese mother wants her to follow in her sister’s footsteps and get a full ride violin scholarship to Northwestern, but June is more interested in figuring out boys than where she’s going to college. When her scheme to make her sort-of relationship official backfires, June thrusts herself into the arms of a guy who’s not afraid to tell her how he feels.


While dating never becomes easier for a girl who confuses sex for love, June’s determined to live life on her own terms, even if that means coming in third at every violin competition, fraying her relationship with her mother beyond repair, and driving fifty miles to the next Planned Parenthood.


Debut Author Anna Gracia delivers with a bitingly funny and painfully real look into the life of a high school senior, and a nuanced, much-needed look into the overlap of Taiwanese American identity and teen sexuality.


DIASPORA THEMES of cross-cultural and intergenerational tension, and the overlap between cultural identity and teen sexuality; offers a meaningful look into the life of a second-generation Taiwanese immigrant growing up in a predominantly white town


Number of pages:352
Spine width:29mm
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