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Children of the Benin Kingdom by  Dinah Orji (Age 7+)

Children of the Benin Kingdom by Dinah Orji (Age 7+)


Children of the Benin Kingdom


A fast-paced adventure, bringing to life one of Africa's most amazing civilisations, the ancient Edo Kingdom of Benin.


Ada has lived close to the great rainforest for her whole life, helping her beloved Papa Eze to heal fellow villagers when they fall sick.


But when Papa Eze himself becomes unwell he knows it’s time toreveal to Ada her true heritage – even though disclosing the secret exposes his daughter to danger. Ada must now travel deep into the forest to discover the ancient Edo kingdom of Benin, connect with her past and use everything within her power to heal the terrible divisions that are tearing the kingdom apart.


Pursued by those who want her dead, Ada sets off on an incredible journey which tests her strengths to their limit – with just her friends, the guidance of her ancestors and her own self-belief to help her.



An immersive adventure story for any child who enjoys being transported to another world, this shortchildren’s novel also fits well with the increasing interest in African fiction, Black authors and children’sstories that are inclusive, diverse and explore a greater range of cultures, stories and settings.


This is a fast-paced adventure story but also accurate historical fiction. The medieval Benin Kingdom is now an option for UK primary teachers at KS2, many of whom are keen to diversify their curriculum, so the novel is also a perfect class reader. The book includes a factual section at the end, to help readers widen their knowledge of the historic Kingdom of Benin and West African culture and traditions.



Dinah Orji is a British author of Nigerian heritage. Her family grew up a few miles from the historical Kingdom of Benin (which is in present day Nigeria) and Dinah was inspired to write this novel during her extensive travels to Nigeria.


Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm

Number of pages: 216

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