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Chinese Kite Festival, Richard Lo

Chinese Kite Festival, Richard Lo


Children can learn animal names in both English and Chinese with this beautifully illustrated book!


A tiger pounces across the sky.

A ladybug takes flight from a leaf.


Animal names and their significance in Chinese culture is beautifully explored for young readers in this stunning book. Simple bilingual text helps teach children animal names in both English and Chinese, and little ones will learn that butterflies are a sign of love, bees signify hard work, and more through the very simple and accessible backmatter. Paired with Rich Lo's vibrant digital watercolors, this simple and practical introduction to Chinese animal names and symbolism is irresistible.


• GREAT FOR BILINGUAL READERS & LEARNING: Each spread will present a new animal name in both English and Chinese, perfect for little readers acquiring both languages.

• STUNNING ART & FRIENDLY ANIMALS: Rich's use of electric color makes each page a joy to pore over as the text covers recognizable animal kites--a fish, a tiger, a ladybug, and more.

• BACK MATTER: Perfect for small children, back matter covers very simply what each animal signifies in Chinese culture. For instance, owls personify bravery.


ISBN: 9780823455867

Number of pages:40




Spine width:7mm

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