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Common Wealth (Hardback by Gregg Dreise

Common Wealth (Hardback by Gregg Dreise


A powerful illustrated slam poetry picture book about togetherness and Australian and Indigenous history. This beautiful 32-page picture book showcases the persuasive and powerful vision of unity from award-winning indigenous creator Gregg Dreise.


Passionate, yet peaceful, Common Wealth is a compelling plea for a future of truth, togetherness and respect for Australia's deep history. All that I'm wishing, Is that you take a moment to listen . . . You see, I'm on a mission, to spread unity - not division. Please note: this book contains confronting images and strong themes.


This book is not suitable for young children From multi award-winning author and artist, Gregg Dreise - a proud descendant of the Kamilaroi and Euahlayi people Valuable resource for discussion about the importance of moving forward together as a nation, with truth and respect for Australian history and Traditional Custodians Themes: Indigenous history, Australian history, Australia Day, Australian anthem, unity and community Praise for Common Wealth: In Common Wealth Dreise delivers a heartfelt exploration of Australian history and an examination of our national anthem in the highly readable style of slam poetry verse.


The result is a compelling look at some of our country's darkest chapters, presented in a way that is both accessible and age-appropriate for its intended audience.


Although some tragic and distressing themes are explored through the verse and artwork, an overriding sense of optimism shines through as Dreise encourages all Australians to unite, to "work together to create, negotiate and celebrate". He also asserts that our national anthem needs a further "tweak" and calls for changes to the flag and the date of Australia Day. Dreise's vibrant and striking artwork complements the verse and adds to the appeal of the book.


Common Wealth is a highly recommended addition to any classroom, as both a tool for examining Australian history and as a call for change. Books + Publishing

Number of pages: 32 
Weight: 420 g 
Dimensions: 282 x 237 x 10 mm

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