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Crongton Knights, Alex Wheatle  [RYELANDS] (Teen/Young Adult)

Crongton Knights, Alex Wheatle [RYELANDS] (Teen/Young Adult)


Winner of the Guardian Children Fiction's Prize 2016

Shortlisted for the Bookseller YA Book prize 2017


Living on the South Crongton council estate has its worries - and life for McKay has been even tougher since his mum died.


His dad has been working all hours to keep the bailiffs from their door. His brother is always out riding the streets at night, tempting trouble.


And now, having strayed off his turf on a 'heroic' (if misguided) mission to help out a girl, McKay finds himself facing a friend's crazy ex-boyfriend, some power-tripping hood-rats and a notoriously violent gangster with a vendetta which hits too close to home. Poor McKay.


He never asked for trouble... But during one madcap night of adventure and danger, he will find out who his true friends are and what it means to stick with your family.

Crongton Knights is a very funny, very moving story that shows that although life is testing, the lessons learned the hard way are the ones you'll never forget.

The second in the Crongton sequence from the award-winning author of Liccle Bit

Number of pages: 304 
Weight: 240 g 
Dimensions: 196 x 130 x 21 mm

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