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Irenosen Okojie

Hardback original

Hardback (27 Jun 2024)


Curandera Irenosen Okojie Hardback original Hardback (27 Jun 2024) £20.00


In the mountainous town of Gethsemane, 17th-century Cape Verde, a mysterious woman's arrival sparks a series of strange events that will leave the town's inhabitants changed: men sporadically blind in the afternoons, children disappearing and reappearing without warning and infertile women pregnant with the memories of past births.

In present-day London, a quartet are brought together by their fascination with ritual, miracles and a life beyond the mundane. Botanist Therese lives with Azacca, a soulful Haitian musician, Peruvian drifter Emilien, who is haunted by the past, and adventurous Finn, who is increasingly drawn to living life on the edge.

With the past and present beginning to blur into one, Curandera is a story of rebirth and redemption, a mythic tale of recalibrations across time.

Praise for Irenosen Okojie:

"Linguistically inventive and always unpredictable, there is an emotional intensity and weirdness to her story telling that haunts and lingers." Bernardine Evaristo, Observer (Best Books of 2019)

"One of the finest literary imaginations working today." Max Porter, author of Grief is a Thing with Feathers and Shy

"A liberatingly odd, seductive and fearless talent." Laline Paull, author of The Bees and Pod

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