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Diary of a Creative Mind by Breis (pronounced Breeze)

Diary of a Creative Mind by Breis (pronounced Breeze)


BREIS (breeze) is an independent rap artist based in South London of Nigerian heritage. His uplifting style of lyricism is steeped in wordplay, storytelling, punchlines and humour. He's been repping the UK and Afrobeat scene for years with his bilingual flow and has performed alongside international artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Angie Stone, Tony Allen, and many more. He is also the founder of Student of Life, a Hip Hop education organisation that works with young people across the UK. 


In 2020 he released his EP, “Arise & Shine” and alongside it, published his second book entitled “Diary of a Creative Mind” an insightful look at the ups and downs of being an independent artist and entrepreneur.



Chronicling the making of his sublime EP, Arise & Shine BREIS’ insightful diary reveals the roller coaster ride of being an independent musician and entrepreneur.


Diary of a Creative Mind will take you on a unique journey with stop offs in Switzerland as he sets stages on fire with bars; Thailand as he inspires with Hip Hop literacy workshops before heading home to London via South Africa and New York. His travels across the globe chart his roller coaster experience of being a rapper, business owner and a trendsetting creative coach. 

Full of funny anecdotes and gems, this is an honest, hopeful look at life, which will raise your spirits and make you smile. By the end of it you'll be downloading all BREIS' music and nodding your head continuously to his infectious rhymes and beats. 


Paperback: 152 pages (paper 80gsm)


Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 1.09 x 20 cm

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