An award-winning guide to why inclusion is better for everyone

June Sarpong

• Extremely topical and written with June Sarpong’s signature warmth and wit, Diversify is an accessible, personal, and proactive polemic for the twenty-first century.

• Winner of the London’s Big Read award 2018.
• One of the highest selling non-fiction debuts of 2018.

• Six chapters take a different social group in turn and look at how our current approach to, eg. race, women or sexuality limits our opportunities as a society.

• After each chapter, tools are offered to help the reader change their behaviour and challenge discrimination today.

• Accompanied by in-depth research from Oxford University and LSE.
• June makes very regular PR appearances promoting the book and its message.

‘A handbook for these troubled times’ Psychologies Magazine
’Engaging and informative ... highlights our common humanity’ Kofi Annan ‘A passionately written polemic’ You Magazine

The truth is, INCLUSION is better for EVERYONE.

In this empowering call to arms, June Sarpong MBE proves why.

Putting the spotlight on groups who are often marginalised in our society, including women, ethnic minorities, those living with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community, Diversify uncovers the hidden cost of exclusion and shows how a new approach to how we learn, live and do business can solve some of the most stubborn challenges we face.

With unshakeable case studies, brand-new research from Oxford University, and six revolutionary steps to help you overcome unconscious bias, this book will help you become part of a better society.

The old way isn’t working. This is a case for change.

‘Engaging and informative ... June Sarpong examines the research behind diversity and discrimination while grounding them in personal narratives, highlighting our common humanity.’ Kofi Annan, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

‘I am so glad June Sarpong is working on this matter of diversity. We don't seem to know how to handle differences. When will we learn that we share one common humanity as Shakespeare's Shylock declared so eloquently?’ Desmond Tutu

‘My experiences during the Holocaust has led me on a lifetime mission to promote the benefits of diversity ... telling my story and that of my step-sister Anne Frank and why civil society must do all it can to protect and celebrate our diversity. Diversify helps us take the first steps on the journey to tolerance.’ Eva Schloss MBE

“A passionately written polemic” You Magazine

‘How boring would life be without diversity? A case of the bland leading the bland. Life would be pretty ... dull without [my autistic son’s] literal, lateral, tangential take on the world ... Mozart, Orwell, Van Gough, Warhol and many other amazing artists, scientists and musicians were on the autistic spectrum. And yet only 15% of autistic people are in the workforce. If only we would learn to think outside the neurotypical box’ Kathy Lette

‘An engaging read with lots of important and good ideas’ Stylist ‘A handbook for these troubled times’ Psychologies Magazine 

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