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Doing Nothing Is Not an Option by Margaret Andrews

Doing Nothing Is Not an Option by Margaret Andrews


Doing Nothing Is Not an Option: The Radical Lives of Eric and Jessica Huntley by Margaret Andrews


Margaret Andrews’ account on the lives of Eric and Jessica Huntley, charts their story from their country of birth, British Guyana to the depositing of their archives at the London Metropolitan Archives, the first major deposit from the Black community in the UK.


“In the telling of the story of struggles for Black community in 20th century Britain, the names of Jessica and Eric Huntley loom large. They began as frontline fighters against colonialism and imperialism in their native Guyana, and translated that activism to combating racism and injustice when they moved to London in the 1950s. Spiritually socialist and internationalist, they came to be celebrated by the communities from and for which they organised – from their Ealing, West London base, founding a major Black and Third World publishing house, Bogle L’Ouverture, as well as, grounding numberless local UK campaigns at their Walter Rodney Community Bookshop. This book describes their legacy for new generations – scholars young and old, freedom fighters Black and White.” - Colin Prescod, Chair of the Institute of Race Relations


Dimensions: 230 x 150 mm

Weight: 440g

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