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Ellie’s Secret Diary, Barkow/Garson  [JAPANESE + English TRANSLATION]

Ellie’s Secret Diary, Barkow/Garson [JAPANESE + English TRANSLATION]


A girl at school is bullying Ellie but she keeps it to herself, writing about what happens in her diary. Things go from bad to worse until one day Ellie is caught stealing money from her mum and she bursts into tears and spills all to her parents. Read Ellie's diary to see how she dealt with the bullying and how she put a stop to it.

Ellie's Secret Diary is an excellent dual language PSHE resource for parents, teachers, youth workers and counsellors. The first person account puts readers in the victim's position, making it essential reading from Key Stage 2 onwards. The book includes advice and information for those suffering bullying, as well as useful web links and online resources.


Authors: Henriette Barkow & Sarah Garson


This is a Japanese translation, with English text alongside

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