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For Our Daughters, Mel Nyoko & Joelle Avelino

For Our Daughters, Mel Nyoko & Joelle Avelino


An inspirational and empowering book about what mothers, especially Black mothers, want their daughters to know. This inspiring book gives girls permission to let their lights shine. They want all girls to know that there are no limits on what they can achieve. One by one, common misconceptins are flipped and replaced by empowering statements such as your hair is like a magnificent crown or you are like the moon among stars, or you shine the brightest.

They suggest that if people doubt you or try to discourage your ambitions, you should disregard them and pursue your dreams to the fullest.

Page after page offers examples of how girls can respond to discouraging situations and triumph. Powerful and striking images filled with vibrant colors add to the impact and truth of this encouraging text. Words and pictures encourage and inspire all girls everywhere, but particularly Black girls. For Our Daughters is a testament to love who you are, exactly as you are.

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