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French & English - My Mother's Sari By Sandhya Rao

French & English - My Mother's Sari By Sandhya Rao


The sari Mother wears everyday is sometimes a train, sometimes a river, or a swing, or a hiding place . . . Children have a way of seeing things differently! The pictures too break away from conventional depictions of both sari and children, combining photographs and acrylic in dramatic, original ways. The spare text weaves and winds between this visual interplay of children, colours and textures, to create the mood-filled world of My Mother's Sari. The US edition of the book has been selected for Outstanding International Books for 2007, a cooperative project of the United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) and the Children's Book Council, USA.


Number of pages: 24 

Weight: 160g
Dimensions: 260 x 205 mm 

Format: Paperback

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