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Global Black Narratives for the Classroom: Britain and EuropePractical Lesson

Global Black Narratives for the Classroom: Britain and EuropePractical Lesson

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Global Black Narratives for the Classroom: Britain and EuropePractical Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities for Ages 7-11

Rather than reserving the teaching of Black history to Black history month, Black narratives deserve to be seen and integrated into every aspect of the school curriculum. A unique yet practical resource, Global Black Narratives addresses this issue by providing primary teachers with a global outline of Black history, culture and life within the framework of the UK’s National Curriculum.

Each topic explored in this essential book provides teachers and teaching assistants with historical, geographic and cultural context to build confidence when planning and teaching. Full lesson plans and printable worksheets are incorporated into each topic, alongside tips to build future lessons in line with the themes explored.

Volume I of this book explores the following parts:

Part 1 examines Black Britain, a term used to refer to African and Caribbean immigrants to the United Kingdom and their descendants. Teachers will gain essential contextual knowledge and the practical skills to deliver lessons exploring many examples of Black Britain, dating as far back as the Tudor period.

Part 2 explores Black Presence in Europe, providing focused examples of Black narratives. Topics explored include Negritude, Josephine Baker, Afro-Spaniards and the Moorish occupation of Spain, Afro-Surinamese people in the Netherlands and Black presence in France.

Created by BLAM UK, this highly informative yet practical resource is an essential read for any teacher, teaching assistant or senior leader who wishes to diversify their curriculum and address issues of Black representation within their school

Table of contents:

Part One - Black Britain;  1. The History of  Jungle Music;  2. The Black Tudors;  3. Black British Jazz;  4. Local Histories - Claudia Jones;  5. Local Histories - Harold Moody;  6. Local Histories - Stuart Hall;  7. Local Histories - Amy Ashwood Garvey;  8. Black British Publishing Companies;  9. Yoruba naming ceremonies in the UK;  10. Local Histories - Raphael Albert;  11. The Bristol Bus Boycott;  12. Black British Resistance Groups;  13. From One Small Island to another: Windrush;  14. Dub: The Skeleton of Reggae Music;  15. We Built This: Reparations;  16. Black British English;  17. Imagery and Imperialism: The Royal Family, Empire and Colonialism;  18. The West African Students Union;  Part Two - Black Presence in Europe;  19. The Negritude Movement;  20. Josephine Baker;  21. Afro-Spaniards;  22. Afro-Surinamese People in the Netherlands;  23. Black Presence in France

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