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Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Clynes/Daykin, [HEBREW TRANSLATION]

Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Clynes/Daykin, [HEBREW TRANSLATION]


Stop Goldilocks, go back home, woods aren't safe when you're all alone!' 
What will become of Goldilocks when she ignores the friendly mouse's warnings?

Kate Clynes' modern retelling of this classic fairy tale casts a good-hearted little mouse as Goldilocks' conscience. His prudent warnings encourage young readers to question Goldilocks' choices: how would you feel if somebody broke something that belongs to you? Should Goldilocks have run away at the end? What could she have done instead? Presenting the story from two points of view allows children to choose between conflicting emotions and asks us to think about the consequences of our actions. It also provides the perfect starting point for discussing topics such as safety, rules and responsibility, and relationships with others.


Authors: Kate Clynes and Louise Daykin


This is a Hebrew translation, with English text alongside.

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