The New Londoners, In My Opinion Amazing photographic bombshell, by Chris Steele

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'The New Londoners' is a powerful celebration of London's unique cultural richness, and of the diversity that is the hallmark of this great city.


Chris Steele-Perkins has photographed 165 families from almost 200 different countries, all of whom have made their homes in London. These are beautiful and powerful portraits with each family photographed in their homes.


Accompanied by insightful interviews we learn of the varied experiences of these families from across the globe. 'The New Londoners' is a plea for tolerance and for openness of heart.


At a time when social and political divisions seem to be opening up across the UK, it is a timely reminder both of the important role that immigration has played in our country as well as the rich and valued diversity that is the hallmark of our capital city and which makes London such a special place.


Format: Hardback, pages 348 
Dimensions: 290 x 260 mm

Weight: 2,220 grams


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