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High-Five to the Hero By Vita Murrow

High-Five to the Hero By Vita Murrow


What if heroes were celebrated for the power of their hearts instead of their swords? In this stunning anthology - elegantly presented in a green, clothbound hard cover with gold-toned metallic debossing - 15 favourite fairytales have been retold for a new generation.

Meet King Arthur, who rules by listening to others, and Prince Charming, who really wishes people wouldn't typecast him, in this stereotype-busting follow-up to Power to the Princess. Focused on issues including self-image, confidence, LGBTQ, friendship, advocacy and disability, these stories are perfect for sharing between parents and children, or for older heroes and heroines to read by themselves.


Number Of Pages: 96

Dimensions: 20.7 x 1.6 x 28.4 cm


Format: Hardback

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