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Human Rights (I’m a Global Citizen) by Alice Harman RUSHEY

Human Rights (I’m a Global Citizen) by Alice Harman RUSHEY


How can you be a good global citizen? By understanding the world we live in and how we can effect change. This book explores what human rights are, what happens when they are respected and when they are limited, for example losing your right to freedom if you commit a crime. The book looks at movements such as Black Lives Matter and at how we can all help to protect human rights through activation.


The I'm a Global Citizen series explores the concept of 'Global Citizenship': recognising that the world we live in is unfair and unequal, but promoting individual and collective action to challenge and change this.


Each book has information, fun activities, challenges, case studies and ideas for group and individual action presented with fun illustrations. The books promote the idea that we have power as individuals: each of us can change things, and each of us has choices about how we behave. They encourage children aged 8+ to counter ignorance and intolerance.


Format: Paperback, Number of Pages: 32

Dimensions: 21.7 x 0.9 x 27.2 cm

Weight: 120 grams

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