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If Only Hair could Talk By Lorna Jones

If Only Hair could Talk By Lorna Jones


I imagined that if my hair could talk, what it would have said to me during a time when I experienced hair loss. You see, I believe your hair generally speaks to you, quietly, and tells you what it needs and what it wants. You only have to pay attention to it, to understand what it is saying. For the purposes of this book, I have given my hair the superpower ability to allow it to speak out loud. While this book does not go into detailed facts about hair loss, it features good gentle grooming’ practices, which provide useful tips for women with afro-textured hair. It is written primarily, but not exclusively, for people with, and with an interest in, afro-textured hair. This book is designed to be educational and informative in a fun way. It will appeal to anyone eager to learn about this type of hair texture and associated hair care practices.

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