Jaz Santos Vs The World, Priscilla Mante

Jaz Santos Vs The World, Priscilla Mante


The first book in THE DREAM TEAM series.

'Exciting, original and heart-warming' - Jacqueline Wilson

'Priscilla Mante is an author to watch' - Aisha Bushby


A relatable, inclusive story about families, unlikely friendships and girl power. Perfect for fans of Ella on the Outside and Jacqueline Wilson.

Ola! I'm Jasmina Santos-Campbell (but you can call me Jaz). You've probably heard of me and my football team the Bramrock Stars before. No? Well, you will soon because we're almost famous! 

Forming the Stars was my genius idea - you see I need to prove to Mae (that's my mum!) that I'm a football star so she'll want to come back home. 

The idea was the easy part, though. Now I've got a team of seven very different girls and we need to work together, to be taken seriously as footballers. 

We are the DREAM TEAM and we're going to show the world that girls CAN play football!

Number of pages: 352 
Weight: 236 g 
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 21 mm