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Keeping the House by Tice Cin (author), Max Porter (editor)

Keeping the House by Tice Cin (author), Max Porter (editor)


The Turkish variety are prized for their enlarged leaf bud, that's where we put the heroin…  Imagine a cabbage: at its centre is North London's Turkish heroin trade, and the overlapping leaves are the stories of its players. There's Damla, a Turkish-Cypriot girl growing up in Tottenham, and her mother Ayla, who moved there from North Cyprus in the aftermath of the 1985 Broadwater Farm riots. There's Mehmet, a mover in the trade, and Ali, who's got big hopes for Ayla. A bewitching debut that lifts the lid on a covert world, Keeping the House is a totally fresh take on the drug trade and its machinery, and the story of a young woman coming into her own.     


Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 256 
Dimensions: 198 x 129 mm


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