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Legends of the Blues (Hardback) by William Stout

Legends of the Blues (Hardback) by William Stout


Blind Willie Johnson. Willie Dixon. Ma Rainey. We know their music, and of course we recognise their names, but to their fans the faces of these blues legends are equally as intrinsic. In the same format as our bestselling R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country, award-winning author and illustrator William Stout presents 100 legends of the blues ranging from classic to contemporary, British and American, interpreting their iconic visages in dramatic portraiture that blends graphic design and humour with the stylisation of a master illustrator. Legends of the Blues also includes authoritative biographical text, recommended songs and four exclusive bonus trading cards.

Number of pages: 224 
Weight: 540 g 
Dimensions: 190 x 155 x 23 mm

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