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Llama on a Mission (Paperback) Annabelle Sami (author), Allen Fatimaharan (illu

Llama on a Mission (Paperback) Annabelle Sami (author), Allen Fatimaharan (illu


'Anarchically silly fun!' - Guardian

'Five stars: 'I adored this book! [...] Funny and meaningful, a delight from start to finish.' - Netgalley Reviewer

'Levi is brilliant fun and is possibly the best talking animal since Donkey in Shrek,' - Netgalley Reviewer



Rib-tickling middle grade comedy, packed full of warmth and llama drama!

Yasmin Shah is just like any other ten-year-old girl, with a crazy loud family, the BEST best friend ever& and a talking toy llama!


With the help of her loud guardian llama Levi, Yasmin has finally found her voice, but her mission has only just begun. She is determined to use her new-found confidence to help her friends, starting with turning Levi back into his true guardian llama form and getting him back into Seen Not Herd - the secret society of guardian llamas.


What better way to prove this than by helping Yasmin's new friend Ezra tackle the biggest challenge of all - the struggles of school life!


But it won't be easy with Levi constantly wrecking havoc and getting Yasmin into trouble...


Annabelle Sami is a writer, director and performer who currently works in the arts. While reading children's books when babysitting she realised there was a lack of representation of funny girls and diverse characters in children's books - and she decided to do something about it. Growing up mixed-race, she never found her own life reflected in a book and now it's her mission to make sure that every spirited, witty and adventurous girl has her own special book that she can relate to.

The second book in this hilarious series, perfect for fans of Charlie Changes into a Chicken and Planet Omar

Number of pages: 224 
Weight: 200 g 
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 18 mm

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