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Looking to London. Stories of War, Escape and Asylum. By Cynthia Cockburn

Looking to London. Stories of War, Escape and Asylum. By Cynthia Cockburn

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'Now, more than ever, it is vital to support women who have crossed borders. By listening to women from across the world who have made their homes in London, Cynthia Cockburn brings us stories that we need to hear in order to challenge divisions and build solidarity' - Natasha Walter author of The New Feminism (Virago, 1998) and founder of Women for Refugee Women.



The city of London is celebrated as one of the most ethnically diverse capitals in the world, and has been a magnet of migration since its origin. Looking to London steps into the maelstrom of current and recent wars and the resulting migrationcrisi, telling the stories of wome refugees who have made it to London to seek safe haven among the city's Kurdish, Somali, Tamil, Sudanese and Syrian communities, under watchful eye of the security services.


Cynthia Cockburn brings her lively and lucid style to a world in which hatred is being countered by compassion, at a moment when the nationalist, anti- immigrant sentiment expressed in Brexit is being challenged by a warm-hearted 'refugees welcome' movement bringing community activists into partnership with London borough councils for the reception and rehoming of victims of war.


This book is essential reading for all who want to think more deeply about the meaning of asylum.


Author Biography
Cynthia Cockburn is an Honorary Professor at the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick, and City University London. A researcher and writer in the field of gender, war and peacemaking, she is active in the international women's peace movement. Her most recent books are Antimilitarism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), From Where We Stand (Zed Books, 2007) and Looking to London (Pluto, 2017).

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