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Lunar New Year, Natasha Yim

Lunar New Year, Natasha Yim


Lunar NewYear explores how the festival is celebrated around the world, capturing the magic of the festival for children everywhere.


A celebratory, inclusive and educational exploration of Lunar New Year for both children that celebrate and children who want to understand and appreciate their peers who do.


Lunar NewYear captures the magic of the celebration by exploring how Ling and her family enjoy the biggest Chinese festival of the year. The new year festival lasts for 15 days full of preparation, celebration and symbolism. Join Ling, her sister Mei and granny Po Po as they clean the house from top to bottom, pick fresh flowers from the garden, visit friends and family, and carry red lanterns through their neighbourhood. Ling invites the reader into her home and family, allowing the reader to experience this special celebration firsthand through an authentic narrative non-fiction story.


A fun 16-page 'factivity' section follows the story and delves into more detail about how the festival is celebrated in China and beyond. Enriching activities are also included, such as guess the riddle, make your own red envelope and a recipe to make delicious Lunar New Year 'pot sticker' dumplings.


Learn all about the magic of Lunar New Year, by exploring:

  • The preparations in the lead-up to the festival
  • The Reunion dinner on New Year's Eve
  • New Year's day fireworks
  • Dragon dancing and the New Year Monster
  • The lantern festival ... and more!


In the Celebrations & Festivals series, you are invited into a family's celebrations as you explore the magic and excitement of religious and cultural festivals around the world. The heart-warming story is followed by a fun 'factivity' section packed with information on the festival in more detail along with activities, recipes and craft projects to enjoy.


ISBN: 9780711287129

Pages: 48

Dimensions: 216 mm x 216 mm

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