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Migration, Journeys Through Black British History - Millie Mensah, Camilla Ru

Migration, Journeys Through Black British History - Millie Mensah, Camilla Ru


Migration Journeys Through Black British History - The Black Curriculum


Uncover the journeys that define Black British History in this informative, boldly illustrated collection of migration stories.

Learn the incredible untold stories of the people, places and journeys that shaped Britain, and be inspired to continue learning beyond the page.

In this brand new series from The Black Curriculum, learn about how migration has shaped Black British History. Discover how migration has been part of British history right from the start. For example, did you know Black people lived in Britain during Roman times? Or that there was a Black trumpeter in Henry VIII's court? Find out more in this fascinating guide to Britain's diverse history.

Discover the Black British people who campaigned for the abolition of slavery in the 18th century, like Olaudah Equiano. Find out what brought people to Britain in the 20th century and what life was like for them. Learn how migration is important to Britain's identity and history, and how it continues today. This book features a foreword from Maro Itoje, bright, bold illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a timeline and glossary of key terms.

Explore key stories in Black British History alongside:

- Written by Millie Mensah with beautiful and striking illustrations by Camilla Ru
- Empowering tone to inspire children to ask questions and continue their learning beyond the page.
- Part of a bold, eye-catching three-part series.
- Information is presented clearly in an engaging, accessible format.
- Text is accessible for children ages 8+ but the tone will continue to appeal to children up to age 16.




Spine width:14mm

Number of pages: 77

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