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Monsters in Love by Resmaa Menakem (SIGNED)

Monsters in Love by Resmaa Menakem (SIGNED)


Monsters in Love: Why Your PArtner Sometimes Drives You Crazy - And What You Can Do About It by Resmaa Menakem


Conflict is a natural part of any intimate relationship. Yet most couples either avoid it or try to smooth over their differences. This results in at least one partner compromising their integrity-and stunting their own growth.

Monsters in Love challenges the idea that conflict between partners is unhealthy or something to avoid. Instead, it encourages both people to stand by what they need and who they are-but to do so with compassion rather than competitiveness or vengefulness. This is the purpose of an intimate relationship: to create an atmosphere where both people learn to grow up and mature in their relationship by appreciating each other's individual needs in a caring and mature way.

Monsters in Love explores commitment, communication, intimacy, and therapy, sharing how these steps are essential for a healthier marriage.

  • This book offers no comforting fantasies, false promises, or quick fixes. Instead, it offers you and your partner a chance to make your relationship-and your lives-fuller than you ever imagined.
  • To create the strongest, deepest, most loving relationship, both lovers must accept the pain and growth that committed relation-ships demand. How to do this is the focus of this book.


Number of pages:cm
Spine width:25mm

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