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My Hair is Pink Under This Veil by Rabina Khan

My Hair is Pink Under This Veil by Rabina Khan


It was in 2015, when Rabina Khan was standing as an independent candidate in the Tower Hamlets mayoral elections, that a male voter asked her what colour her hair was under her veil. She said it was pink. He smiled, so she smiled back adding, 'Not really, it's green.' This interaction sparked the writing of an article, which developed into a talk at the University of Cambridge and grew into her first book. 'My Hair Is Pink Under This Veil' reveals how a Muslim woman reconciles her faith with British culture to construct a successful political career against a backdrop of blame, bias, ignorance and misogyny including from her own community. It shows how the hijab has become a symbol of the modern Muslim woman's personal style and strength.


Number of pages:304
Spine width:28mm
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