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My Kicks, by Susan Verde, Katie Kath (Illustrator)

My Kicks, by Susan Verde, Katie Kath (Illustrator)


Free Shoe tying gude included!!


Boys love sneakers. But when a child finds that his toes have outgrown his favourite shoes and they've gotten too dirty and smelly, his mum says it's time for a new pair. Resistant to let go, the boy reminiscences about all the good times he's had with his favourite kicks on the city streets.


There's the paint splatter from his masterpiece and the drip from a popsicle. There's the scuff from when he fell off his skateboard. And there are those frayed laces that he learned to tie in bows and doubles. A new pair just won't be the same. But, with bigger shoes to fill, the boy realises new adventures await him.


Maybe he could paint a little better? Or skate a little faster? Or tie his laces in triples? This new picture book from the bestselling author of I Am Yoga explores the love and pride that kids have for their sneakers and the joy that can be found in growing up, growing out, and moving on.


Dimensions: 22.6 x 1 x 27.3 cm

Weight: 420 grams

Format: Hardback, 18pages 

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