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Nevile and the Lost Bridge - Caribbean Modern Classics (Paperback)

Nevile and the Lost Bridge - Caribbean Modern Classics (Paperback)


There have been many great and enduring works of literature by Caribbean authors over the last century. The Caribbean Contemporary Classics collection celebrates these deep and vibrant stories, overflowing with life and acute observations about society.

In the year 2222, Neville and his friends Nina and A.T. are elite bridge builders in the province of Aribbea, where children go to work, adults go to school, and everyone is ruled by a tyrannical king. No-one remembers what life was like before the calamitous event which brought the king to power, and enabled him to lock up all secrets and memory in his own library. Aribbeans now have no memory, and no understanding of the world outside the bridges on which they live. When Neville, Nina and A.T. find themselves plunging from a bridge to the land and sea below, they have no idea what will befall them. Sometimes together, sometimes apart, each must make his or her way through the tests and challenges which await them, to find their true place and to begin to recover their history.


Accompanied by a varied cast of companions, they encounter Pierre the Bacoo, Papa Bois, the rasta Hunn Dread, Hanuman the monkey and the last dog in Arribea. This motley crew succeeds in posing the first real challenge to his rule which the king has ever faced. 

What does friendship and loyalty mean? How do we know when we are safe, and what makes us so? Who can we trust?

Number of pages: 272 
Weight: 240 g 
Dimensions: 198 x 128 x 28 mm

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