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New Daughters of Africa, Edited by Margaret Busby

New Daughters of Africa, Edited by Margaret Busby

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Nearly three decades after her pioneering anthology, Daughters of Africa, Margaret Busby curates a stellar selection of contemporary writing by female authors of African descent, including Bernardine Evaristo, Zadie Smith, Maaza Mengiste and many more.  


Twenty-five years ago, Margaret Busby's groundbreaking anthology Daughters of Africa illuminated the 'silent, forgotten, underrated voices of black women' (The Washington Post).


Published to international acclaim, it was hailed as 'an extraordinary body of achievement... a vital document of lost history' (The Sunday Times). New Daughters of Africa continues that mission for a new generation, bringing together a selection of overlooked artists of the past with fresh and vibrant voices that have emerged from across the globe in the past two decades, from Antigua to Zimbabwe and Angola to the USA. Key figures join popular contemporaries in paying tribute to the heritage that unites them.


Each of the pieces in this remarkable collection demonstrates an uplifting sense of sisterhood, honours the strong links that endure from generation to generation, and addresses the common obstacles women writers of colour face as they negotiate issues of race, gender and class, and confront vital matters of independence, freedom and oppression. Custom, tradition, friendships, sisterhood, romance, sexuality, intersectional feminism, the politics of gender, race, and identity-all and more are explored in this glorious collection of work from over 200 writers. New Daughters of Africa spans a wealth of genres-autobiography, memoir, oral history, letters, diaries, short stories, novels, poetry, drama, humour, politics, journalism, essays and speeches-to demonstrate the diversity and remarkable literary achievements of black women who remain under-represented, and whose works continue to be under-rated, in world culture today. Featuring women across the diaspora, New Daughters of Africa illuminates the richness and cultural history of this original continent and its enduring influence, while reflecting our own lives and issues today. Bold and insightful, brilliant in its intimacy and universality, this essential volume honours the talents of African daughters and the inspiring legacy that connects them-and all of us. Contributors: Diane Abbott * Yassmin Abdel-Magied * Leila Aboulela * Ayo bami Adebayo * Sade Adeniran * Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie * Zoe Adjonyoh * Patience Agbabi * Agnes Agboton * Candace Allen * Lisa Allen-Agostini * Ellah Wakatama Allfrey * Andaiye * Harriet Anena * Joan Anim-Addo * Monica Arac de Nyeko * Yemisi Aribisala * Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro * Amma Asant