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On My Papa's Shoulders by Niki Daly

On My Papa's Shoulders by Niki Daly


"When Papa lifts me onto his shoulders I can see the whole world."


One little boy in South Africa has just started school. When Mama takes him, they hurry along - but there's always time for a kiss at the school gate. When Gogo takes him they go slow and feed the hungry cat on the way. When it's Tata's turn they walk through the park and splash in puddles. But the best days of all are when Papa takes him to school, lifts him high on his shoulders and tells him, "I love you." 


A heart-warming celebration of family and fathers, with beautiful, atmospheric paintings portraying the everyday life of a loving extended family.



Number of pages:30 unnumbered
Spine width:
  1. 10mm
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