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Pakistan For Women By Maliha Abidi

Pakistan For Women By Maliha Abidi


Pakistan for women is a book about 50+ real stories of amazing women who belong to Pakistan and have achieved something extraordinary while making a difference.


It consists of illustrations for each woman along side their stories. It is one of a kind project and such a book does not exist in Pakistan yet.


It celebrates women from all walks of life and is designed to inspire girls and help them understand the importance of women empowerment and feminism through these stories. It is seen at times that certain people discourage girls to go after what they are passionate about. In some cultures, basic right of education is denied as well. Awareness and cultural misconceptions play a big role in this.


Excuses vary from honour to household responsibilities, although at times the reason told to those little girls is that they are in Pakistan and therefore they cannot achieve something because their country is poor or doesn’t have that many resources. This book consists of true stories of women, from mountaineers to astrophysicists to educators, and it advocates for the idea that if these Pakistani women can achieve their dreams through hard work and dedication, so can all the girls, reading their stories.


Number Of Pages: 108

Dimensions: 18cm x 21cm

Weight: 520g

Format: Hardback

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