Penny &Monique's Caribbean Adventure,Tale of the Dancing Frogs by Maureen Gordon


Join Penny and Monique in another story about their Caribbean Adventure!Penny and Monique are eight year old twins, but not identical.


Penny is the eldest by five minutes, but acts years older than her sister Monique. Penny is bossy, outgoing and adventurous. Monique is shy, likes her own company and is easily frightened. The twins live with their mother Angela, a teacher, and their father Stephan who works in a bank.


The twins are in Jamaica for their first holiday on the island to see their Grandma Merle and their many relatives.The twins experience family fun, laughter and some scary moments on their holiday capers. This is one of their stories that is now being told. Are Uncle Leslie’s tales about bullfrogs spitting out green poison to be believed?


Can Penny convince anyone that she has seen some dancing frogs? Who will find the bullfrogs first? Will it be the watch dogs, Bruno and Pele? Or will it be Grandma with her big broom?


Format: Paperback 32 pages

Dimensions - 21cm x 21.5 x 0.5 cm

Weight: 0.26lbs


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