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PREORDER Farah Loves Mangos by Sarthak Sinha

PREORDER Farah Loves Mangos by Sarthak Sinha


Coming 6 April 2023


A heartwarming story about a young girl who learns to love the unexpected and appreciate her favorite mango tree.

"Lovingly illustrated and brimming with life, Farah Loves Mangos is playful, heartwarming and so beautifully moving." -Steve Antony author of Mr Panda series

"An exquisitely illustrated story, told with the perfect balance of humor and warmth." -Ella Bailey, creator of No Such Thing

Farah loves mangos! She could eat them all day long and she wouldn't mind living in one either. Every summer when she visits her Grandpa they always pick the ripe fruit from his mango tree. This year, however, the tree is empty! Farah puts her mind to it and decides she will make the tree bear fruit. But perhaps Farah will learn there is more to a mango
tree than just the fruit it bares?


Number of pages:40
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