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PREORDER Red Memory by Tania Branigan

PREORDER Red Memory by Tania Branigan


Red Memory Living, Remembering and Forgetting China's Cultural Revolution by Tania Branigan


An indelible exploration of the Cultural Revolution and how it shapes China today, Red Memory uncovers forty years of silence through the rarely heard stories of individuals who lived through Mao's decade of madness.

'Took my breath away.' BARBARA DEMICK
'A master class in storytelling and journalism.' GARY YOUNGE

Red Memory explores the stories of those who are driven to confront the era, fearing or yearning its return. What happens to a society when you can no longer trust those closest to you? What happens to the present when the past is buried, exploited or redrawn? And how do you live with yourself when the worst is over?


Number of pages:304
Spine width:21mm
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