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Read this to get Smarter about Race, Class, Gender, Disability + More

Read this to get Smarter about Race, Class, Gender, Disability + More


We live in a time where it has never been more important to be knowledgeable about a host of social issues, as well as confident and appropriate in how to talk about them. What's the best way to ask someone what their pronouns are? How do you explain white privilege to someone who doesn't get it? What is intersectionality anyway, and why do you need to understand it?


While it can seem intimidating or overwhelming to learn and talk about such issues, it's never been easier thanks to educator and historian Blair Imani, creator of the viral sensation "Smarter in Seconds" and "Learn O'Clock" series of videos. Accessible to learners of all levels-from those just getting started on the journey to those deeply entrenched in social justice-Read This to Get Smarter covers a range of issues including race, gender, class, disability, privilege, oppression, ideology, religion, family, and beyond.


This essential guide is a radical but warm and non-judgmental call-to-arms, structured in such a way that you can read it cover-to-cover or start with any topic you want to learn more about. With Blair Imani as your teacher, you'll "get smarter" in no time, and be equipped to intelligently and empathetically process, discuss, and educate others on the crucial issues we must tackle to achieve a liberated, equitable world.

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