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Samira's Eid (English Only) by Nasreen Aktar, Enebor Attard

Samira's Eid (English Only) by Nasreen Aktar, Enebor Attard


The first sighting of the new moon marks the beginning of Eid and a day of celebration for Samira and her family.


The Ramadan fast is over and now it is time for prayers and presents. Join Samira's family as they celebrate this Islamic festival with Muslims from all around the world. Mantra Lingua's Celebration Series of dual language books explores the way people from different cultures celebrate festivals around the world.


Packed with recipes, facts, and activities, these beautifully illustrated books offer an invaluable insight into other cultures and traditions. In the classroom, these titles can be used to introduce students to religious festivals and ceremonies that they may not be familiar with. At home, the Celebration Series is perfect for teaching young children about family celebrations.

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