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Small Thoughts and Poetry by Lucy Thatcher

Small Thoughts and Poetry by Lucy Thatcher


Small Thoughts and Poetry is a collection of raw thoughts the author has compiled over the years, whilst using writing as a way to restore emotional balance and well-being. The awe-inspiring honesty reflects the author’s attempts to understand her own emotions and to make peace with them.


“Be self-aware. You will never know what others are thinking but it is a greater tragedy to never know what you are thinking” Small thoughts is conversational and witty, taking the reader on an engaging journey of love, life and lessons learned. It exposes just the surface of how it feels to be Black, British and feminist.


“When I thought of all the unrealistic expectations set out for women, especially black women, I was overwhelmed by how far I fell from the “good woman tree” I’d encourage you to pick this up, even if you don’t think that poetry is for you as this is conversational, like having a chat with one of your friends.. a lovely little read with some really important messages in these pages.


Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 130 
Weight: 200 g 
Dimensions: 229 x 152 x 8 mm

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