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Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush

Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush


Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush introduces the fascinating kingdom of Kush, based in what is now the Sudan, to readers via 20 fun-filled interactive pages. Discover famous rulers, unique dress styles, religion, architecture, food, trade, literacy and much more about ancient Kushite achievements.


Teaches little-known ancient Black history through puzzles & fun activities!

Packed with puzzles to SOLVE, pictures to DRAW and COLOUR and fascinating facts to DISCOVER from little-known ancient Black history, Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush will keep young readers busy and learning at the same time.


  • Superb illustrations to engage and delight. Great for visual learners!
  • Puzzles and exercises to develop concentration and vital problem-building skills.
  • Pages to draw & colour to encourage creativity.
  • Illustrated glossary to improve vocabulary and literacy.



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