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The Genius of: The Benin Kingdom by

The Genius of: The Benin Kingdom by


Clever Ideas and Inventions from Past Civilisations

Which genius ideas and inventions began in the Benin Kingdom? What did the people of the Benin Kingdom develop that we use to this day? Find out how a collection of separate villages and communities grew into a strong, united kingdom and developed a network of successful trading relationships. Discover the brilliant developments in town planning, language, art and medicine that have influenced the way we live today.

The Genius Of series helps children aged 9 plus to explore the major discoveries, inventions, influence and legacies of key periods in history. Titles in the 8-book series look at the genius of: the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, the Anglo-Saxons, the Benin Kingdom, the Maya, the Romans, the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and the Vikings.


Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 32 
Weight: 144 g 
Dimensions: 246 x 194 x 3 mm

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