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The Little Book of Crystals by Astrid Carvel

The Little Book of Crystals by Astrid Carvel


There is a crystal for every occasion

Crystals have a mystical, eternal quality and have long been treasured for their beauty. For thousands of years, they have been prized for their physical and spiritual healing properties. In almost every culture and civilization around the world, crystals of all shapes, colours and sizes have been used in religious rituals, as ornamentation or as talismans of good fortune. Small wonder then that today many of us seem so drawn to these precious and mysterious stones; our fascination with crystals is part of a vast and extensive legacy.

All natural crystals vibrate with energy, and when these vibrations are used for healing, they have the effect of balancing the energies in the body, allowing for physical, mental or emotional healing. The right crystal can help to bring balance, calm and positivity into your life.

This guide introduces over 40 essential crystals and their unique properties, from the love- and harmony-infused rose quartz to memory-boosting amber. Discover:

  • how crystals work
  • how to select and maintain your crystals
  • how to make use of their power in everyday life
  • basic techniques for crystal meditation
  • how to balance your chakras using crystals
  • a guide to birthstones

… and other simple ways to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit using these natural treasures.


Number of pages:127
Spine width:7mm
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